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Sexually Transmitted Infections & Blood-Borne Viruses Handbook

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AHCSA is a membership-based peak body with a leadership, watchdog, advocacy and sector support role, and a commitment to Aboriginal self-determination. AHCSA is the health voice for Aboriginal peoples across South Australia, and all Aboriginal Community-controlled health services (ACCHSs) in SA are members of AHCSA.

AHCSA provides support to Aboriginal Community-controlled health services in SA though a number of specific programs. This includes programs for the control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Blood-Borne Viruses (BBVs).

Support for STI issues is provided by the HERO Team (Health Education, Respecting Others; consisting of a Program Manager and a Project Officer) and for BBV issues by a BBV Program Co-ordinator.

This Handbook has been developed by AHCSA to facilitate a standardised evidence-based approach to control programs for STIs and BBVs at the primary health care level within ACCHSs in SA.

All ACCHSs in SA use Communicare as the health information system. An STI template has been developed for use within SA. Every time a person is screened for an STI, or a diagnosis is made, or treatment given, the STI template should be used. Details about how to use the STI Template are included in this handbook.

Thanks to Julia Vnuk, Nick Williams, Beth Hummerston and Nicola Chynoweth for comments on an earlier draft of the Handbook. Thanks to IMVS for permission to reproduce the fact sheet on infectious disease tests in page 17, and Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service for their hepatitis flowcharts to be adapted for the use of other ACCHSs in SA (pages 33-35).

Posted on April 22, 2015

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