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eHealth For Consumers

Get your personal eHealth record now

Register yourself or register your children for an eHealth record.

If you have an IVC or if this is the first time you have accessed your eHealth record.

Or login if you have previously accessed your eHealth record.

Options to apply to register for National eHealth record are:

Online at www.ehealth.gov.au
Completing a registration application form and lodging it
Over the phone 1800 723 471 (select option 1)
In person by visiting a Service Centre that offers Medicare services. To find your nearest office visit http://humanservices.findnearest.com.au/
If you choose to register for an eHealth record, you will be able to become better informed about your healthcare choices. Your health summary in your eHealth record could include information about your medical history, such as vaccinations, or allergies, test results, medicines that you are prescribed, details of a hospital stay and specialist referral. It will take time, but having an eHealth record is about connecting your medical records across the entire system.

If you need to update your Medicare details first, fill out the document on this link: Appendix B- Indigenous Medicare application form

Learn about eHealth

The following links are for Consumers to learn more about eHealth.

Learn about how to use your eHealth record
Essential Information about your eHealth record
Consumer Learning Modules from eHealth.gov.au
Medicare eHealth Fact Sheet
eHealth Frequently Asked Questions
eHealth Consumer Information How To sheet from the MLs

Child eHealth record mobile app

The my child’s eHealth record app is for Australian healthcare consumers with children under the age of 14 years. It allows parents and authorised representatives to access the child’s eHealth record add and view information about the child’s development. After 14 years of age, the child’s records may be accessed via the eHealth website.

This app is not a replacement for your current child health records.


a child eHealth record. You need to register your child at ehealth.gov.au. Do this from a computer (you cannot register from a mobile phone)
a myGov account to access the Government’s online services. Use your myGov username and password to access the child’s eHealth record.

The mobile app is available for Android and Apple smartphones, and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store using the links below.


eHealth consumer reference group

New members are very welcome. For more information please contact Stephanie Miller, Executive Director, HCA on telephone: 08 8231 4169 or email: sfmiller@hcasa.asn.au.

Please click here to access information about this group on the Health Consumers Alliance SA website, including future meeting times and demonstrations.


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