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Public Health Medical Officer

The Public Health Medical Officer (PHMO) is responsible for the provision of specialised medical advice on public health issues to AHCSA Board, management, programs and to Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service/s in South Australia.

Public health medicine is the branch of medical practice that is primarily concerned with the health of populations. It is concerned with the promotion of health and the prevention of disease and illness, the assessment of a community’s health needs, the provision of services to communities in general and to specific groups within them. In particular, in the Aboriginal health context, public health medicine ensures that comprehensive primary health care provision is based on a systematic approach using evidence of what is effective. AHCSA considers this approach to be integral to its core business.

The PHMO works with and supports existing AHCSA staff and AHCSA members as they continue the excellent work they are already doing within the public health domain. The PHMO has many years experience working within the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector as well as an understanding of health and disease in populations and a broad understanding of many conditions and circumstances. This includes understanding and practicing recognised scientific methods in evaluating population health or disease impacts and has a sound knowledge of epidemiological theory and practice.

AHCSA is fortunate to have a PHMO who has worked in both public health and general practice settings in the public and ACCHS clinical sectors and is able to provide clinical and public health support when required whilst visiting AHCSA Members.

The PHMO negotiates with other sections of the health sector to involve them in the determination of the utility, effectiveness and benefits of health services to Aboriginal communities including public health initiatives and policies, and the appropriateness of health services provided to Aboriginal communities including public health initiatives and policy implementation processes.

For further information please contact Dr David Scrimgeour AM on 08 8273 7200.

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