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Patient Information Management Systems

AHCSA is working towards developing a set of standard Patient Information Management System procedures and templates across Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sectors (ACCHS) to achieve standardisation and consistency of data across South Australia.

Currently, AHCSA is exploring methods for cross-sectoral data sharing between the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector and DoHA Spell Out.

AHCSA provides leadership and advocacy for the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector through the participation of data sharing with DoHA to assist with the evaluation of benchmarks in South Australia’s Implementation Plan of the COAG National Partnership on Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Outcomes.

Orientation and training sessions for Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector staff regarding Patient Information Management systems is currently being progressed.

AHCSA provides support to Members via onsite, phone, and remote access training to optimise the use of Communicare with the aim of improving data management patient care. Training also supports members that deliver programs focusing on client health care to enable existing patient information management systems to be used optimally.

Developing and maintaining collaborative linkages with key agencies continues to enhance the work that AHCSA undertakes in this area.

The Project Officer works closely with the Health Check and Communicare Project Officer and the GP Workforce Supervisor.

For more information, please email Beth Hummerston or phone 08 8273 7200

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