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Maternal Health Tackling Smoking

The main aim of the Maternal Health Tackling Smoking program is to increase the number of healthy birth-weight Aboriginal babies by reducing the rate of tobacco smoking among pregnant Aboriginal women.

The primary activity of the program is to increase community knowledge on tobacco cessation, prevention, and passive smoking initiatives, with particular reference to pregnant Aboriginal women and their families. This is achieved through:

  • Collaboration with regional tackling tobacco programs run by DASSA, Quit SA, the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council, and regional tobacco workers based at ACCHSs to help pregnant Aboriginal South Australians stop smoking.
  • Collaboration with neonatal, maternity and AMIC staff at regional and urban hospitals to support pregnant Aboriginal women and their families in their efforts to stop smoking.
  • Conducting a maternal health tackling smoking social marketing campaign to influence pregnant Aboriginal women and their partners, families and communities to stop smoking.

For more information, please phone Mary-Anne Williams on 08 8273 7200.

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