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GP Workforce

The GP Workforce Program is supported through the recruitment of:

  • A General Practitioner (GP) Aboriginal Health Supervisor to support GP services in rural and remote areas in the undertaking of Aboriginal Health Checks and the provision of follow-up primary health services; and
  • A Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Officer to support the GP Aboriginal Health Supervisors work with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) on the enhanced use of the Communicare patient information system, thereby increasing ACCHS’s uptake of Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) items 715, 721 and 723.

The program aims to increase the GP workforce in ACCHSs in South Australia, and in turn increase the number of Aboriginal Health Checks (AHCs) and increase the capacity of Aboriginal health services to perform AHCs and provide appropriate follow-up services.

This includes providing clinical leadership to ensure and enhance the quality of primary health care provision within Aboriginal health services.

The key outcomes for the program are to enable an:

  • Increased uptake of Aboriginal Health Checks by 5% per annum of eligible patients in the Aboriginal health services;
  • Increased follow-up’s of primary health care services for patients where a need for additional services has been determined through the health check.

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