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eHealth Information Management Systems (Communicare) Support

Get your personal eHealth record now

Register yourself or register your children for an eHealth record.

If you have an IVC or if this is the first time you have accessed your eHealth record.

Or login if you have previously accessed your eHealth record.

Options to apply to register for National eHealth record are:

If you choose to register for an eHealth record, you will be able to become better informed about your healthcare choices. Your health summary in your eHealth record could include information about your medical history, such as vaccinations, or allergies, test results, medicines that you are prescribed, details of a hospital stay and specialist referral. It will take time, but having an eHealth record is about connecting your medical records across the entire system.

If you need to update your Medicare details first, fill out the document on this link: Appendix B- Indigenous Medicare application form


Communicare is a fully integrated electronic health and practice management system. It is designed for use in community health, making it ideal for health and social services where the primary concerns are the health of the individual, as well as the community as a whole.

Features of Communicare include:

  • Clinical record functionality including electronic prescribing, investigation requests and documents
  • Reporting and data analysis functions
  • Secure electronic communications
  • Electronic Medicare claiming
  • Data synchronisation to enable working offline in remote locations
  • Appointment booking capability
  • Data entry wizard for easy data capture

Communicare has been developed in such a way that it can be modified to suit the needs of different health services, and can be adapted to the way services wish to use it.

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