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Training with AHCSA


All students who choose to stay in accommodation provided by AHCSA will be booked into a two bedroom shared apartment with another student of the same gender. Students will never be asked to share with a student of a different gender.

If a student has a medical condition which restricts them from being able to share accommodation, a medical certificate must be provided and the RTO Manager will consider the situation and make a decision on options in the students and AHCSA’s interest. It is important to note that a medical certificate will not guarantee a private room.

Any additional costs incurred during the student's stay at AHCSA-provided accommodation will be the responsibility of the student. This includes, but is not limited to, any damages, cleaning costs, fire alarm activation, phone, car-parking or internet charges.

Students can choose to arrange their own accommodation if they prefer. This is done so at the student’s own cost. If a student chooses not to stay at AHCSA-arranged accommodation, they are responsible for all accommodation costs and transport to and from their chosen accommodation site for the duration of their stay.

Accommodation Changes and Charges to Students

  • No changes to accommodation can be made without prior discussion and approval of the RTO Manager.
  • Students are responsible for paying all extra costs accrued at the place of accommodation, for example the mini-bar, car-parking, phone calls, fire alarm activation or damages.
  • Students with a medical condition requiring them to have individual accommodation must provide a medical certificate from their doctor stating this, at least one week prior to their study date. This will then be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the RTO Manager.
  • Students who use the accommodation but do not attend the study are liable for the accommodation costs.

Flights and Mileage Allowance

All flights booked for students will be the cheapest full fare available from that location. Mileage allowance will only be paid to a student if no flight is available or a medical certificate is provided to support a student’s inability to fly. Receipts for purchase of fuel need to be provided to AHCSA for students travelling by personal vehicle.

Meetings and Out of Training Hours Commitments

All personal and medical appointments must be outside of scheduled study hours. Appointments during study time will be calculated, recorded on the attendance sheet and withheld from the next training block travel allowance.

Students must not book medical or other appointments during study hours. Students are expected to attend all classes.


If students cannot attend their scheduled study workshop they must notify AHCSA staff as soon as possible. Students will be liable to pay for travel and accommodation costs if they cancel attendance within three working days of scheduled travel.

Travel Allowance

Students will be paid travel allowance to cover meal costs and incidentals while they are away from home at AHCSA RTO travel allowance rates. These rates are determined by each student’s individual circumstances and are assessed accordingly. Students who do not attend training for any or all of the days that they receive Travel Allowance for, will be required to refund all or part of this amount. Students must provide bank account details on the Travel Application Form and travel allowance will be paid into this account.

Travel Changes

Any travel not meeting the above conditions must be paid for by the student (or, if agreed, by their employer). No changes to travel can be made without prior discussion and approval of the RTO Manager.

Travel Terms and Conditions

  • All students with access to an airport with flights available to their training location are required to fly.
  • If students do not have access to an airport or there are no flights to your travel location, you will have the option to drive. If students drive their own vehicles they will be paid the amount of 50c/km and must provide AHCSA with fuel receipts.
  • The AHCSA Student Travel Request Form allows for the student to specify their preferred travel method, dates and times. AHCSA RTO staff will book these preferred options if they are suitable, available and approved by the RTO Manager.
  • If specific bus or flight information is not provided on the form then AHCSA staff will select this.
  • Travel may be the day before study, however, where an early morning flight is available this will be booked. Students can opt to travel home on the last day of study if they have time to do so after the class finish time. Students are not permitted to commence class late or leave class early in order to travel.
  • Students are responsible for paying for costs associated with travel changes which they request. All changes must be approved by the AHCSA RTO Manager.
  • Students are not permitted to make any of their own travel bookings. Any student who changes their own travel arrangements may be asked to pay all travel costs.
  • If students do not attend training for any or all of the days they receive travel allowance for, they will be required to refund all or part of this amount to AHCSA.