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360° Trained and Skilled Job Ready

The Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Inc. (AHCSA), through the delivery of a state-wide service, is contributing to the further development of a culturally proficient health workforce and increasing opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to participate in this sector, and the wider workforce, through support and engagement activities.


AHCSA will engage with employers to identify opportunities and establish career pathways for job seekers and provide personalised support for job seekers to identify skills development requirements and training.


What You Can Expect from Trained and Skilled Job Ready

Once you have enrolled in the program, AHCSA will deliver the following services:

  • An initial assessment with our Aboriginal Employment Support Officer
  • Formulation of an employment pathway plan
  • Job search training and assistance
  • Resources to develop your Curriculum Vitae and Position Applications
  • Support in developing interview techniques and skills
  • Identification of industry training options to up-skill
  • Post-employment support once your position commences (e.g. counselling you through study, work, life issues, mediating between you, employers and job active providers, connecting you with mentors, guidance on how to manage yourself and relationships in the workforce, soft skill development in personal effectiveness)


How to Apply

If you believe the Trained and Skilled Job Ready program could work for you, simply complete a Trained and Skilled Job Ready Authority Form and forward it to our Aboriginal Employment Support Officer by email at student.enquiries@ahcsa.org.au.

If you have any questions in relation to this program please do not hesitate to contact our Aboriginal Employment Support Officer on 8273 7200.

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