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Student Information and Forms

AHCSA delivers training in Adelaide to students who live across South Australia. Many students are employed by Aboriginal Medical Services or Government health services that support their participation in training.

AHCSA will take reasonable measures to ensure that accommodation is safe. Students will be asked to abide by the Student Code of Conduct, and any house rules while in the accommodation. Accidents, injuries or incidents of concern that occur at the accommodation site must be reported to RTO Staff.

AHCSA will book travel, accommodation and meal arrangements necessary for students to attend training. All arrangements will strictly be within the limits of the Australian Governments, Away From Base (AFB) funding guidelines.

All personal expenses and any travel, accommodation and meal expenses that do not meet AFB guidelines will be paid for by the student, or if their employer has agreed to do so, by their employer.

Students will be asked to reimburse AHCSA for arrangements made that they did not keep. This may include:

  • Flight, bus or train tickets that were judged by the travel provider as a “No Show”
  • Travel and accommodation were used, but training was not attended
Travel Allowance
Travel Changes
Travel Terms and Conditions
Accommodation Changes and Charges to Students
Meetings and Out of Training Hours Committments
Flights and Mileage Allowance


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