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Tenders and Grants

AHCSA ‘Grants/Sponsorship’ Information.

AHCSA is a not for profit organization who receives funding from the State and Commonwealth Government, non-Government organisations and other sources and is not in a position to offer formal grants or sponsorship on a regular basis.

We do from time to time have capacity to offer opportunities to organisations and committees to partner and collaborate on activities that relate to AHCSA’s program areas and services.

When opportunities arise eligible organisations and committees must demonstrate:

  • A Governance system to appropriately administer the ‘Grants/Sponsorship
  • A plan for the proposed activity
  • The proposed health and wellbeing outcomes for SA Aboriginal communities arising from the activity.
  • Quality and Reach of populations benefiting from the proposed activity
  • Compliance to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Opportunities vary and are not ongoing and dependent on funding restrictions.

Available Opportunities

Round 1 – September – October 2019. Open until close of business 13/10/19

Round 2 – January – February. Open until close of business 28/2/20

We are now offering the following opportunities to committees and organisations that are bringing together SA Aboriginal communities to provide support to improve health outcomes of all Aboriginal people in South Australia, promoting and advancing the Community’s commitment to physical, social and emotional wellbeing and quality of life.

  • Smoke Free Organisations
  • Smoke, Drug and Alcohol Free Population Health Promotion Activities

Please note funds must be acquitted by 1st August following the end of financial year.

Unfortunately AHCSA does not have the capacity to support individuals or individual groups such as sporting teams and clubs for participation at carnivals.

Activities that may be considered include:

  • Carnivals
  • NAIDOC Week Events
  • Reconciliation Week events

Activities that will not be considered

  • Sponsorship for individuals
  • Requests to support sporting clubs and teams sporting attire including  clothing, uniforms or equipment

 Other organisations providing sponsorship opportunities

Rotary – https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/grants

DPMC – https://www.niaa.gov.au/indigenous-affairs/grants-and-funding 

Grant Assist http://www.grantassist.sa.gov.au/community/

Council Grants http://lga.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=6577

RAA https://www.raa.com.au/community-and-advocacy/current-events-and-sponsorships

ORSR https://www.ors.sa.gov.au/funding

Or contact your local council

 Please click here for the AHCSA Sponsorship Form

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