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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Community

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 – What is COVID-19 What to do if you feel unwell

Fact Sheet 2 – Protecting yourself and others from Coronavirus

Fact Sheet 3 – Social Distancing

Fact Sheet 4 – Isolation and Quarantine

Fact Sheet 5 – Staying Positive

Fact Sheet 6 – Workforce Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Fact Sheet 7 – What is Biosecurity_Why are some communities in lock down


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Poster 1 – What Is COVID-19 Coronavirus







Poster 2 – Coronavirus And Good Hygiene.pdf







Poster 3 – Cleaning And Coronavirus.pdf







Poster 4 – Social Distancing Protects Our Mob.pdf







Poster 5 – Protect Our Elders Protect Our Culture.pdf







Poster 6 – Protect Yourself And Your Mob Get A Flu Shot.pdf







Poster 7 – Health Checks And Medications.pdf







Poster 8 – What Is Isolation, What Is Quarantine.pdf







Poster 9 – Tips For Working From Home.pdf






Poster 10 – Funerals Sorry Business.pdf







Poster 11 – Tips To Stay Positive.pdf







Poster 12 – Coronavirus And Schools.pdf







Poster 13 – Tips For Shopping.pdf







Poster 14 – Need To Talk You Are Not Alone.pdf







Poster 15 – What Is A Designated Area Community.pdf







Poster 16 – The Rules For Aboriginal Communities That Are Designated Areas.pdf







Poster 17 – How Do I Shop For Food In A Designated Area Community.pdf







Poster 18 – Looking After Your Health In A Designated Area Community.pdf







Poster 19 – Do Not Enter.pdf








Editable Posters (A3 & A4 – Microsoft Word)

Poster Blue

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Poster Brown

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Poster Pink

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Poster Yellow

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COVID-19 Community Directories

Emergency Relief   

General Support  

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services  

Testing Locations  

Mental Health , Social & Emotional Wellbeing



Coronavirus (COVID-19), Stop the Spread. Stay Strong Campaign



Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pregnancy Health and Wellbeing


Stop the Spread, Stay Strong 


Symptoms & Testing


Stay Connected


Coronavirus Community Message, Strive For Five Clean Hands Jive


Coronavirus Community Message, Aboriginal Health Council of SA


Coronavirus Community Message, Social Distancing


Coronavirus Community Message, Flu Vaccination


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