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Work Experience Placements

From time to time AHCSA is able to offer work experience placements to students and others seeking to gain some practical experience in working within the Aboriginal Health Council environment. AHCSA is the peak body for Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) in South Australia. Not being an ACCHS in itself, opportunities for working with a health program are limited. If you are looking for work experience within an ACCHS you should contact one in your own local area.

Since AHCSA has only limited opportunities for work experience each year, such placements are negotiated on a case by case basis and cannot be guaranteed. Placements are usually full or half days once or twice a week and spread over a number of weeks or an intensive one week of full time work.

To be considered for a work experience placement you should provide a cover letter well in advance of the desired time of your placement outlining

  • The type of work experience you are seeking
  • The hours for which you are available
  • The desired duration of a placement with AHCSA
  • Your contact details

A current resume, including the names and contacts details of 3 referees should accompany your cover letter.

You can submit your application for work experience here and following the instructions. You can expect an auto generated email confirmation of your application being received.

Submit your application for work experience.

Some of the outcomes of a work experience placement include;

  • An increased understanding of the dynamics and processes of working in an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
  • Specific skills development and experience
  • Increased understanding of some of the contributing factors affecting Aboriginal health
  • Contributing to the effort and output of AHCSA
  • Developing networks and contacts

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