Trachoma Elimination

The Trachoma Elimination Program is establishing the geographic extent of endemic trachoma in South Australia through screening in communities in conjunction with CHSA.

Trachoma continues to be endemic in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations in some parts of the NT, SA and WA. Major improvements in environmental conditions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia are a core requirement for trachoma eradication.

The Trachoma Elimination Program will aim to reduce the prevalence and transmission of active trachoma by undertaking comprehensive screening in all children aged 1-14 annually in communities where trachoma is endemic. All individuals and families requiring treatment will be treated in accordance with the Guidelines for the Public Health Management of Trachoma in Australia.

The program will support member services and health professionals to develop processes to ensure that adults aged over 40 are screened for trichiasis.

Trachoma training is ongoing to all health professionals within ACCHSs and community groups, and is available on request.

For more information, please email Desley Culpin or phone 08 8273 7200.