Tackling Smoking

The purpose of the Tackling Smoking Project is to reduce tobacco smoking prevalence, consumption, initiation of smoking and passive smoking among Aboriginal people in South Australia. Mentoring is provided to support the Tackling Smoking Workforce through onsite visits, meetings and monthly teleconference meetings. Assistance is given to AHCSA member services where there is no Tobacco Worker providing an outreach service and visiting on a regular basis.

The new version of the Puyu Wiya Smokecheck Brief Intervention program has been updated with recent data. This program is delivered to all new Tobacco Action Workers. The program is designed to train AHWs to assist smokers who may be considering how to quit, and has been registered on the Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control website.

An Executive Governance Group comprising DoHA, SA Health, DASSA and AHCSA has been established to improve communication between agencies in partnership on the Tackling Smoking initiative.

All new Tobacco workers are invited to relevant workforce training, teleconferences, meetings and workshops, and are encouraged to undertake Certificate III in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care to assist them gain relevant knowledge for their work in the primary health care setting.

For more information, please phone 08 8273 7200.