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Sexual Health

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The AHCSA Sexual Health Program commenced in early 2010, with the aim of building capacity within the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) in South Australia for the improvement of sexual health services for Aboriginal Communities across South Australia.

AHCSAs statewide Sexual Health Program is called HERO (Health Education Respecting Others).

The program is currently funded from two separate sources within South Australian Health:

  1. Sexual Health Services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Young woman and their Partners Program (funded through the Indigenous Early Childhood Development National Partnership Agreement)
  2. The Indigenous HIV/STI Prevention Program.

A review of the program conducted by James Ward was completed in November 2012 with the recommendations from the review being incorporated into AHCSAs member services feedback and served as the framework for the program Action Plan until June 2015.

The AHCSA Sexual Health Action plan focuses on supporting ACCHS in South Australian with:

  • Improving community engagement with young people
  • Developing clinical capacity to address the issues of sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses within the South Australian Aboriginal Community

AHCSA have also developed the Sexually Transmitted Infections & Blood-Borne Viruses Handbook. This handbook facilitates a standardised evidence-based approach to control programs for STIs and BBVs at the primary health care level within ACCHSs in SA. You can download a copy of the Sexually Transmitted Infections & Blood-Borne Viruses Handbook here.

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