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How to undertake study

The RTO is currently offering training in the following qualifications:

HLT30113 Certificate III in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care
HLT40113 Certificate IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care
HLT40213 Certificate IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice

For further information in relation to a specific course, please select the View Upcoming Courses tab on the left.The Education and Training Student Handbook and Code of Practice explain the services offered by AHCSA, our obligations as a Registered Training Organisation as well as student rights and responsibilities. It is important that before completing an application form, applicants have read and understand their rights and responsibilities in the Student Handbook.
Application Process

Fees and Charges

For AHCSAs current fee schedule please click here. To view AHCSAs Fees and Charges Policy, please click here. Details of fees for specific course enrolments will be published on the relevant course marketing material. If you are unsure of the fees associated with a training program or have any questions in relation to payment of fees, please contact a member of the Education, Training and Workforce Team on (08) 8273 7200.

Training Terminology

refers to a calendar year, being 1 January to 31 December
Study Block refers to a six-month period. Study Block 1 is January to June. Study Block 2 is July to December
Workshop refers to a face-to-face training session, generally run in one-week/five day sessions

Minimum Age for Students

Prospective students must meet the minimum age requirement to be eligible to study with AHCSA. The minimum age for enrolment in an Aboriginal Primary Health Care qualification is 18 years or older.

Expression of Interest

AHCSA encourages anyone interested in undertaking study at AHCSA now or in the future to complete an Expression of Interest Form. An Expression of Interest Form should be submitted outside of the Application Period. Application Forms will only be accepted within the Application Open Period as outlined above. The reason for this is to ensure details provided on the Application Form are current and relevant at the time of application.
An Expression of Interest Form can be downloaded from here or can be obtained by contacting a member of the Education, Training and Workforce Team via email at student.enquiries@ahcsa.org.au or on (08) 8273 7200.
Once complete, the Expression of Interest Form can be submitted via email, fax , or hand delivery to the AHCSA office.
Once an Expression of Interest Form is received, the prospective student will be placed on the Expression of Interest register for the relevant course and will be contacted once Applications open for that course. Prospective students will also be informed of other upcoming training opportunities at AHCSA, unless they have chosen to opt out of this option.

How to Apply

Before applying to study at AHCSA, all prospective students should consider the courses available, course content, training delivery methods and schedules and any other information that would be useful in helping to determine whether training at AHCSA is right for them. Further information can be obtained by contacting a member of the Education, Training and Workforce Team by email at any time at student.enquiries@ahcsa.org.au, or by phone during office hours on (08) 8273 7200.

Application Periods

AHCSA offers set Application Periods each calendar year.
Applications will open on 1 October each year for Study Block 1 intake the following calendar-year.
AHCSA will occasionally offer a second intake, mid-year, dependent on training interest received. Should a mid-year intake be offered, Applications will open 1 April for a Study Block 2 intake.
Application periods will be advertised on AHCSA’s website and further information can be obtained at any time by contacting a member of the Education, Training and Workforce Team.
Once ready to apply for a course, prospective students will need to complete the relevant form.

Application Form

During Application Open periods, prospective students can submit a completed Application Form following the instructions on the top of the form. Applicants are reminded to ensure they attach all relevant supporting documentation with their application to inform the selection process, including a Resume, previous qualifications and a Job Description for their current role, if applicable.
Once AHCSA receives the Application Form, applicants will receive a notification of receipt via email advising of the expected timeframe for the outcome of their application.
AHCSA will identify if the Applicant meets the relevant selection criteria, including:

  • Age restrictions;
  • Availability of training course;
  • Pre-entry requirements (if applicable) as stated in the course outline;
  • Target Group requirements of course (if applicable);
  • Employment Status (if applicable);
  • Ability and willingness to complete work placement obligations if required.

AHCSA requests that all Applicants please ensure they advise of any special requirements to ensure that necessary adjustment can be made in the development of a class timetable or training strategy, including learning aids or needs to be supported by AHCSA Educators or support staff.

Successful and Unsuccessful Applicants

Following the close of the Application Period and once all applications have been assessed, Applicants will be notified via post and email on the outcome of their application.
Successful applicants will be sent an Offer Pack with their notification of their application outcome. This Offer Pack will include the following documentation:

  • Letter of Offer
  • Course Overview
  • Student Handbook
  • Class Schedule
  • Recognition Information and Application Form
  • Work Placement Information Sheet
  • Immunisation Paperwork
  • Unique Student Identifier Information
  • Student Travel and Accommodation Information Sheet (if applicable)
  • Student Travel Request Form (if applicable)

The letter of offer within the Offer Pack will include a request to contact AHCSA to confirm acceptance of the training place within a required timeframe. Successful applicants are encouraged to review all information provided in their Offer Pack prior to confirming acceptance of their training place.
The information provided in the Offer Pack will give Applicants an overview of AHCSA’s expectations of students when undertaking study, provide information guidelines for travel and accommodation, training terms and conditions and Student’s rights and obligations.
If you do not receive this information within the given timeframe, please contact one of the Education, Training and Workforce Team members via email at student.enquiries@ahcsa.org.au or by phone on (08) 8273 7200 to discuss.
Enrolment and Induction

On your first day you will be requested to complete a Student Enrolment Form, an Abstudy Application Form and to provide copies of your Driver’s Licence, Qualifications, Resume, current Job and Person Specification (if applicable), your Unique Student Identifier and any other associated documentation required. You will also have an induction session where you will be provided with a site induction for workplace health and safety requirements.

At the beginning of each training workshop you will be provided with the course workbooks and assessment requirements for the units of competency being delivered.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process whereby the skills you have acquired from life, work experience; formal or informal training can be formally acknowledged and recognised. RPL can apply to one or more unit of competencies or even a whole course. What this will mean for you if it is granted is that you do not have to repeat material you already know and you may be able to progress quickly to other unit of competencies.

We are obligated to recognise the AQF Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued to students by other registered training organisations. This means that if you achieve competency in unit of competencies of a course we are required to accept these as valid and reliable. You will need to provide the original certification obtained for verification from an RTO staff member or alternatively provide a certified copy.

Student’s wishing to apply for Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning for any of their training with AHCSA are encouraged to submit their Recognition Application as early as possible following acceptance into the course. Successful applicants will receive a Recognition Application form within their Offer Pack upon acceptance into the course, which details the process for applying for recognition.

Any enquiries relating to applying for recognition should be directed to the Education, Training and Workforce Team via email at student.enquiries@ahcsa.org.au or by phone on (08) 8273 7200.


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